Lakes Bay makes the best board bags. Sure, there are many bags to put a windsurf, kitesurf, or surf board in, but if you want your high quality surfboard, kiteboard, or sailboard to travel safely, you need a Lakes Bay bag. Bags with thick padding to protect your equipment on the car, airline, or during shipping. These are what many pro windsurfers and kiteboarders use to transport their quivers to events. Don't trust your custom board to anything less than a Lakes Bay board bag. Many production board bags are in stock to ship. We make board bags for Mistral, Bic, F2, Starboard, Pro-Tech, Seatrend, AHD, Naish, RRD, Wipika, Airush, Surftech, and more. Cini Sport bags are for surfers. Whatever surfboard you have, we have a padded travel bag for your surfboard. There are standard and coffin bags for longboards and shortboards in sizes like 8, 8 6, 9, 9 6, and exact fit customs. Padded bags are good for your sailboard, kiteboard, windsurfer, surf board, kite board, sail bag. Even wide style freeride and formula sailboard bags are good to go. We have formula board bags for formula boards and freestyle boards too, even race board bags. Raceboards can go on your rack and strap down safely if the are in a padded travel bag. Techno, stingray, vision, bee, formula, ride, free-formula, prodigy are up for a trip.

Lakes Bay has been the number one name in sailboard bags for over ten years. The reasons are simple - quality, versatility, service. The best materials are used: thick padding, heavy duty zippers, and plenty of reinforcement. Our reflective coating keeps its cool, and won't delaminate, ever. All the bags are hand made in the USA. Exact fit bags are available for over 100 popular production boards, and we can custom make whatever you need. We have quiver and mast bags, kite board bags, and other travel accessories too. Our sister company, Cini Sport offers killer surf board bags. You can buy a Lakes Bay bag in many of the best windsurf and kitesurf shops everywhere. If the don't have your size in stock, they can call us and we'll build it, usually within a few days. If you don't have a local shop, contact us.